Heavy Haulage, Oversized Loads And Piloting

We have specialised units from our 6 ton tilt deck all the way up to our 90 ton transporters available right now to move your treasures.

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Flat Decks
And Log Trucks

If you want a 6x4 tipper or a 9 axle super payload bulky then our range of heavy duty construction, loggers and bulk and general freight haulers can carry your load.

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Biomass Mulch
And Hog Fuel

We have tub grinders and shredders that turn wastestreams of wood and sawmill residues into hog fuel and woody biomass to fuel your boiler or to landscape and mulch your land.

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Local Loader
Hire From
7 To 30 Ton

If you want a bucket or log loader short or long term then we have a solution for you with machines from our smallest 7 tonner right up to our 30 ton excavators.

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Giffo and his team at CRB Transport Logistics LTD have been at this for 25 years with more than 50 million ks travelled between our Trippers, Flat Decks and Log Trucks, delivering our regions proudly produced products from bloody hard working locals. We treat your stuff like its our stuff and we our damn proud of our local and New Zealand wide history with tons of success stories and a few disasters as well along the way. We absolutely believe that if you don’t support your locals then they wont be around so our team will work with your team to ensure we are damn proud locals!

We’re proud of what we do

Here is a few images of our team at work, to view more images - click here